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Funny... and also kind of terrifying. This was a humorous and somewhat insightful commentary on the role advertising plays in consumer culture.

The first thing I said after the ending of this video was a big, stupid laugh. I knew as soon as it came out of my mouth that I sounded like a braying jackass, and I couldn't have cared less.
When a cartoon makes me laugh like that, everything else momentarily takes a backseat, while I am temporarily transported back to simpler times, when every day was a new adventure, and having a laugh was the most important thing in the world.
Much love to this outstanding piece of animation.

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JamesLee responds:

Thanks for the nice review! You've got a great way with words :D

This movie, while not thought-provoking, inspiring, nor patriotic, was absolutely, completely, and irrevocably hilarious!
The animation was perfect, the timing was spot-on, and the voices made the characters real.
It is important to enjoy this video based on its merits, of which there are many.
Good job, and me wants more.

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That was really good! The voice acting was dead-on, the animation was smooth. Just amazing. My only complaint is that you misspelled "dessert." "Dessert" is an after dinner treat, whereas a "desert" is a hot and sandy wasteland almost devoid of rain and water. An excellent animation overall, even for a sprite movie.

Sandling responds:

Awwww man, I thought for sure I got all the spelling errors gone. Thank you my good sir, I worked hard :3.

An excellent job! I especially enjoyed how the movie made fun of Double Dragon's various idiosyncrasies (the conveyor belt and the ladder especially made me lawl). I thought the rotoscope animation made the motions seem very fluid and lifelike, and I thought it was a great way to humanize the characters. Just outstanding.

kalabor106 responds:

Some people actually said they think it looks creepy with the life like animation. Glad you lawl at it.

The only thing I wanted after watching this was to see more of it! This was very creative and fun. You should definitely make more of these if you can find the time.

scoonie-1 responds:

I'm glad you enjoyed it, thanks

This is excellent! I enjoyed the choice of music. It's very upbeat, very positive, as is the entire animation. It's enjoyable to watch!

nofxx41 responds:

thanks.. thought the music fit it well. appreciate the feedback:)

I love how this was an homage to the Dungeons & Dragons cartoon of the '80's. The 5.25" disk drive was an especially nice touch. I went back and watched an episode or two of the Dungeons & Dragons cartoon recently... I think this would be a way better show. All of your stuff is a joy to view, Mr. Partridge. More, please, thank you.

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Holy Moses!

That was a spectacular piece of work. Normally, I'm not into the giant robots fighting stories, but the atmosphere was really different in this one. Loved every second of it. I liked the music, as well. Out of curiosity, did you try it with sound effects, then decide that you liked it better without? Or was this how you envisioned it from the beginning? Either way, I thought it was a good touch. Super... just super...

Pretty good submission...

I loved the mother's candor with her son... heh heh... "Probably not... for the sake of the rest of the robot civilization." Pretty funny.
Only qualms I had with it is that the characters seemed to shake when they weren't moving. It gave me the impression that the mother and the kid were both scared. Good stuff, though. Very cool.

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