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Funny... and also kind of terrifying. This was a humorous and somewhat insightful commentary on the role advertising plays in consumer culture.

The first thing I said after the ending of this video was a big, stupid laugh. I knew as soon as it came out of my mouth that I sounded like a braying jackass, and I couldn't have cared less.
When a cartoon makes me laugh like that, everything else momentarily takes a backseat, while I am temporarily transported back to simpler times, when every day was a new adventure, and having a laugh was the most important thing in the world.
Much love to this outstanding piece of animation.

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JamesLee responds:

Thanks for the nice review! You've got a great way with words :D

This movie, while not thought-provoking, inspiring, nor patriotic, was absolutely, completely, and irrevocably hilarious!
The animation was perfect, the timing was spot-on, and the voices made the characters real.
It is important to enjoy this video based on its merits, of which there are many.
Good job, and me wants more.

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If you don't like bad reviews, don't read this...

Ummm... dude... I hate to have to say it, but maybe you should have kept that one to yourself as a practice piece and wait to submit it when it's a full game. I mean: 1. It seemed to be the same repetitive thing. 2. It was not at all rewarding to play. 3. It never seemed to end (which, were 1 and 2 not a factor, I might not have wanted it to). On the bright side, you have nowhere to go but up.

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A sly script, scribed by a sudden superstar; your swiftly spouted sibilants were simply superb. Excelsior!

Dammit... I thought my submission was pretty good, but this kicks my ass. You did this all today? You really are a talent. Just awesome!

LMAO! "Aw, hell... it's the devil!" Had me rollin'!

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